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Friendship Families

Friendship Families

What is the Friendship Families Program?

  • Friendship Families is a program that matches international students with local families. 
  • The purpose of Friendship Families is to give students and families the opportunity to build relationships and share cultures. 
  • Students and families arrange to spend time together on their own as often as mutually desired (at least once a month). 
  • Friendship Families may include students in informal dinners, holiday celebrations, occasional family outings, or any other event that adds to the richness of his/her experience in the U.S. 
  • University of Idaho students can invite their Friendship Families to on-campus events and programs open to the public. 
  • The initial commitment is for one semester, but many students and families choose to remain in contact and maintain their relationships throughout the students' time at the university, and even beyond.
  • Friendship Families include university faculty members, administrators, staff members, residents from Moscow and nearby towns. 
  • Friendship Families may be individuals, couples, partners, or families with children of various ages.

Why should I participate?

  • The Friendship Families Program gives international students an opportunity to become acquainted with local families in Moscow and the area. 
  • The families welcome students to the U.S. and the local community helping them to adjust to the culture and life in Idaho. 
  • Students and families get to know each other through visits to the homes of the families, by going on outings, attending campus events, and/or spending special occasions together. 
  • Friendship Families gives students a unique “window into American culture” and at the same time gives families the opportunity to benefit from the University of Idaho’s diverse international community.

How do I apply?

After you submit the form, it takes up to two weeks for the IPO office to contact you with information about your match(es).

2014 Friendship Families Reception

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