International Ambassador

Thao Thi-Thu Nguyen






May 2014


Q&A with Thao Thi-Thu Nguyen

Why did you choose the University of Idaho?
The University of Idaho is consistently recognized as one of the best public colleges in America by The Princeton Review. Washington Monthly magazine’s College Guide again this year ranked the University of Idaho among the top 100 national universities for social mobility, research and service. The university offers 142 degree programs including bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and specialists' degrees. Besides that, there are many scholarship opportunities for national and international students. The University of Idaho also provides and a wide range of leadership programs and helpful community services.

What's the best thing about the University of Idaho?
For me, scholarship opportunity  is the best thing about the University of Idaho. With GPA of 3.6 or higher transferred from Highline Community College, I got equivalently 50 percent deduction in my tuition and fee every year at this university, while maintaining 3.0 UI GPA. This is a wonderful encouragement both physically and mentally for international and national students to keep up good work.

What are your favorite campus activities?
I love participating in leadership programs, conference and volunteer on campus. With those activities, I can build up my resume, my personality, my leadership skills and also expand my network with many instructors, staffs and students on campus.

What are your favorite local activities?
I love volunteering in community services such as Painting the Palouse, foodbank preparation and doing landscape. All students can easily sign up and join these helpful activities by contacting Volunteerism Center at UIdaho. Students can also get free T-shirt, certificates and free breakfast when joining them. This is a great opportunity to meet, experience and share your time with other people and organization, on and out of campus.

What's your favorite thing to do in Moscow, Idaho?
It is going to Moscow Farmers' Market at  Friendship Square, Moscow. It is held each Saturday, May through October, from 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. They are selling fresh produce, meat, delicious homemade baked goods, healthy nursery plants, beautiful flowers and quality handmade crafts.

What are your plans after you graduate?
After getting my B.S degree in Accountancy in May 2014, I will do internship during summer and start my master degree in Fall 2014. After that, I will find jobs in accounting areas in the US to gain more experience before going back to Vietnam.

Advice for new students?
There is only one thing I could say: Never say never. Don’t be afraid, shy and avoid inferiority complex. You will never know your strengths and weaknesses when you don’t even want to try something new. Everyone fails and gets mistake in school, jobs and life, but there is a lot to gain after that. It's much more better than gaining nothing because of never trying to do anything.