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Chin-Lun Hsu




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Q&A with Chin-Lun Hsu

Why did you choose the University of Idaho?
Before I applied, I looked up some information about UI saying that it is the best place to study, which is my main purpose in studying abroad.

What's the best thing about the University of Idaho?
The school is small, and so are the classes. That is the benefit to me since every instructor knows me very well and helps me a lot with my studies.

What are your favorite campus activities?

Cruise the World is one of my favorite activities. There are always people from different countries and I've known a lot of friends in that event. Jazz Festival is also a favorite activity. It's not just about sitting and listening to the music, but people even dance in front of the stage. It is so much fun.

What are your favorite local activities?

I love the Farmers Market the most. There is not only a variety of food to eat but also some handmade stuff and bands perform in front of the small park.

What's your favorite thing to do in Moscow, Idaho?

I love having a meal at the restaurants with friends and sitting in their outdoor seats. It's good to eat while enjoying the beautiful view around you.

What are your plans after you graduate?
I would like to go back home and find a PR-related job in Taiwan or in another country near Taiwan.

Advice for new students?

UI is a really good place to study and also have fun. Moscow is small but as long as you find something that interests you, you will never get bored here. Also, UI has international students from nearly 70 countries, so it is a good opportunity to make different kinds of friends here.