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International Programs
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Intensive English

The University of Idaho American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) is an intensive English language program.

The ALCP offers 21 hours per week of instruction. Students may begin an eight-week course of study in January, March, August, or October or a six-week program in June.
  • Application Steps & Requirements

    Application Steps & Requirements

    Step 1: Application

    Step 2: CFR Form 

    Step 3: Financials

    • Submit Original Bank Statement or Financial Guarantee
    • Funds must cover all tuition and living expenses expressed in CFR 

    Step 4: Passport 

    • Copy picture and information pages from Passport
    • Submit Copy of Passport 

    Step 5: I-20

    • After receiving all documents, ALCP will FedEx the I-20 
  • ESL Transfer Students

    ESL Transfer Students

    Step 1: Application

    Step 2: Transfer 

    • Fill out and submit Transfer Form
    • Top half filled out by student
    • Lower half filled out by current International Student Advisor

    Step 3: CFR Form

    Step 4: Financials 

    • Submit Original Bank Statement or Financial Guarantee
    • Funds must cover all tuition and living expenses expressed in CFR

    Step 5: Passport

    • Copy picture and information pages from Passport
    • Email a scanned copy of Passport

    Step 6: I-20

    • After receiving all documents, ALCP will issue an I-20 upon student arrival
  • Tuition and Fees
    ACLP students should bring enough money to cover the cost of tuition and fees, health insurance, housing expenses, books and incidental expenditures. We recommend that students bring money in traveler's checks rather than cash. Students should carry all documentation of financial support for immigration purposes, as well as for registration with the ALCP.

    Costs per eight-week session (Prices are estimates and are subject to change without notice):

    ALCP Tuition: $2,450
    Registration/Program Fees:
    Orientation Fee (one time fee):   $100
    Housing (Room & Board):
    Books and Supplies:
    Personal Expenses (Estimated):
    Required Insurance $375
    (We will accept other insurance plans if they meet the University of Idaho's minimum requirements)

    Total Estimated Cost:

  • Future Session Dates
    2013 to 2014
    Session Dates  Orientation Dates 
    Fall 1: August 26 - October 18 Fall 1: August 22 - 23
    Fall 2: October 22 - December 20
    Fall 2: October 21 - 22 
    Spring 1: January 21 - March 14
    Spring 1: January 16 - 17
    Spring 2: March 24 - May 16 Spring 2: March 20 - 21
    Summer: June 16 - July 25
    Summer: June 12 - 13
    Fall 1: August 25 - October 17 Fall 1: August 21-22
    Fall 2: October 20 - December 19 Fall 2: October 20

  • Pre-Arrival Information and Planning

    Pre-Arrival Information & Planning

    Read and learn what to prepare for before arriving at the University of Idaho ALCP! 

    Step 1: Documents

    • Complete Application Requirements
    • Make visa appointment after receiving I-20
    • Notify ALCP of visa appointment results 

    Step 2: Housing 

    Step 3: Planning

    • Make travel arrangements: submit the Airport Pick-up Form online
    • Buy Traveler's checks to cover costs on the way to the University and during your first month in the U.S. Keep the receipt separate from the traveler's checks.
    • Get copies of medical records, x-rays, and prescriptions. Also, have prescriptions written in English and in generic terms. 

    Step 4: Travel 

    • Label your luggage with the ALCP office address.
    • Carry all legal and immigration documents: Passport, visa & I-20