Class Registration

In your acceptance letter, you will receive information about registering for your University of Idaho courses. It is important to preregister as soon as possible, as some classes fill up quickly. You can wait until you are on campus, but this is not recommended. 

  • If you are an undergraduate, contact your academic adviser to discuss your choices. The Registrar's Office puts a "registration hold" on each undergraduate's registration. This means that until an undergraduate speaks with an adviser, the student will be unable to register for courses. 
  • Graduate students are able to register without an adviser's approval, but it is a good idea to contact your graduate adviser anyway. 
  • Select classes from the online time schedule at: When choosing classes, remember you may be required to prove you have taken the prerequisites to get into a class. You will need to contact your academic adviser to find out if you are eligible to take the class. For example, you cannot register for Math 143 unless you have met the Math 108 requirements. Classes numbered from 100-400 are undergraduate courses. Classes numbered 500 and up are graduate level courses. 
  • Log in to register for your courses online at: 
  • When you are registering for classes, a window will pop up asking if you would like to be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Make sure to check: “Yes, I want to enroll in SHIP,” even if you have alternative health insurance. If you check “no” you will have a difficult time registering for classes.  
  • For more information contact the Registrar’s Office at or (208) 885-6731.

Class Fees
There are some student fees not included in the estimated cost of attendance, and they can sometimes surprise students. You can check to see if there are additional fees attached to a class by looking up the class at the University of Idaho class schedule Web site: