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IPO Tax Information

Tax Information

Windstar’s Foreign National Tax Resource™

The University of Idaho is proud to provide our foreign national students, researchers, and employees with this comprehensive online resource for completing your U.S. taxes.

The Foreign National Tax Resource (FNTR), from Windstar, provides easy-to-use federal tax preparation software along with extensive, searchable content to help you understand your tax obligations.

With the FNTR you can:
  • Determine your tax residency status (resident/nonresident or dual status)
  • Prepare either your 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ
  • Find out about tax treaty benefits
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions and understand the various rules, forms, and procedures

The FNTR is free for University of Idaho International Students and Scholars. E-mail to receive login information for the site.

Suggested Keywords (for individuals to find the FNTR using the search function on your website):

  • Foreign National Tax Resource
  • Online Tax Return Filing and Reference Library
  • Help With U.S. Taxes
  • U.S. Tax Resources
  • Nonresident Alien
  • Resident Alien

Once you have requested and received log-in information, please use this link to begin your tax preparation.