Friendship Families Mission

Friendship Families is an epitome of the ideas underlying the three main pillars of the University of Idaho's mission: engaged learning environment, globally competitive learning opportunities, and connected community.

Friendship Families clearly espouses those ideas: it aspires to create a truly engaged learning environment outside the classroom; it provides our international students with opportunities to learn from participation and observation of life off campus; and it strives to build connections between students and the local community -connections that bring people together by transcending cultural boundaries.

As part of this endeavor, our local community benefits tremendously from the program since our international students contribute to the diversity of the region. Their visibility promotes cultural awareness, ethnic toleration, and peaceful cohabitation. In exchange, our international students gain indispensable experience that shapes their learning and propels their growth. The program helps build connections that often evolve into lifelong friendships cultivated despite national borders and distances.