ISSFS - SEED in Haiti

SEED Alumni Begin Working on Nursery Projects in Haiti

On January 1st, Anthony Davis, Director of UI’s Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research will travel to Haiti to collaborate with Sabine Deristin and Owens Telemaque on establishing seedling/native plant nurseries in Haiti. Sabine and Owens recently graduated from a two year Scholarships in Educational and Economic Development (SEED) training program in environmental technology, leadership, and civic engagement. SEED, a partnership between UI International Programs, the College of Natural Resources, Lewis and Clarks State College, the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institution, and the Center for Intercultural Education and Development at Georgetown University, is funded through a grant provided by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
As a part of SEED, 18 students from Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean created community action plans focusing on ways to engage their communities in improving the environment. In addition to their studies at UI, SEED participants completed a combined total of 5677 hours of community service restoring streams, planting trees and native plants, and volunteering at numerous community events. One of the highlights of Owen’s and Sabine’s SEED experience was being invited to the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative University Conference in Washington, DC where they were able to network with students from around the world engaged in innovative development and community action projects.