• See the UI's Academic Advising site, including a link to advice for First-Year Students
  • Advisor holds must be removed by the advisor/department prior to registration.
  • Most of you have already setup and accessed VandalWeb accounts to view financial aid information, which means you have created your own PIN; you will need to make sure to use this PIN when registering and not the default.
  • If the PIN is forgotten or disabled, use the Online PIN Reset by clicking on the ONLINE PIN RESET INFORMATION link on the VandalWeb login page. If this does not work, students should come to the Registrar’s Office with ID (or for those not in the local area, call 208-885-6731) for assistance. PINs will only be reset for a student.
  • Students should activate their VandalMail, if they have not already done so, in order to receive important communications from the UI. Please be reminded that any notice will ONLY be sent to your VandalMail account so you should check it often.
  • You can access setup information about all of these accounts on the Admitted Students website (see link on that site for your To-Do List).
  • English Composition Placement Guidelines:
    • SAT Verbal 570-690 or ACT English 25-30 or COMPASS 95-99: English 102
    • SAT Verbal 450-560;ACT English 18-24;COMPASS 68-94: English 101 (A secondary Writing Placement Test will be issued to all English 101 students during the first week of class).
    • SAT Verbal 700-800 or ACT English 31-36: Exempt from first-year composition courses (exempt from English 102)
    • SAT Verbal 200-440 or ACT English 1-17 or COMPASS 0-67: English 101 PLUS English 95 (First-Year Writing Tutorial)
    Students may challenge their English placement by taking the COMPASS exam: Counseling & Testing Center: Testing
  • Math Placement Guidelines [minimum prerequisite scores needed for each course]:
    • ACT 0-18 or SAT 200-460, or Compass Algebra <36: You can take Math 108 or Math 123 [ Math 123 may be a good option because it satisfies minimum university general education core requirements]
    • ACT 19-21 or SAT 470-510, or Compass 36 ≤ Algebra < 61, or College Algebra < 45: You can take Math 130 [or Math 123 or Math 108]
    • ACT 22-26 or 520-600, or Compass Algebra ≥ 61 or 45 ≤ College Algebra<49: You can take Math 143 (or lower numbered Math courses)
    • ACT 27-28 or SAT 610-640, or Compass 49 ≤ College Algebra < 51: You can take Math 160 or lower numbered Math courses
    • ACT 29-36 or SAT 650-800, or Compass College Algebra ≥ 51 and Trigonometry ≥ 51: You can take Math 170
    *[Math Dept. guidelines]:WARNING: Do not automatically enroll in the “highest” math course available based on your exam scores.
    -Many courses (including Math 123, Math 130, Math 160, and Math 176) are terminal courses and do not provide the prerequisite preparation needed for other required courses. Check with your advisor and/or the Math department to determine which course is best for you.
    -The Mathematics Department follows prerequisite requirements as described in the course catalog without exception.
    -Overrides will be provided only to those students who have satisfied the prerequisites either by having completed the prerequisite course or having sufficient exam scores. If the student has documentation showing updated exam scores or unofficial transcripts they should come to the mathematics main office or submit transcript or scores by fax/email for the override. We must see the updated scores to provide the override. We do not give overrides to students who are "on track" to complete the prerequisites for a course. Please send email messages requesting overrides to with official scores or transcripts.
    - If a student does not feel their exam scores accurately portray their mathematical experience they will need to take a Compass math test to be re-evaluated.
    - If a student believes he or she would test into a course higher than Math 170 they will need to contact the mathematics main office to be evaluated. To place into a course above Math 170, a student will need to have proof of successful completion of prerequisite courses on an official or unofficial transcript.
    -If you are not satisfied with your ACT or SAT placement, you are strongly encouraged to CHALLENGE YOUR PLACEMENT by scoring high enough on the computerized COMPASS math test.
    -To take the Compass Placement Exams at UI go to the UI Counseling and Testing Center, 306 Continuing Education Building, 885-6716. The exam is also given at all universities and colleges in Idaho, and at many throughout the U.S. Ask them to forward your results to the UI Admissions Office and the Mathematics Department.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Mathematics Office at 208-885-6742.
  • Foreign Language Placement Advice: If you have completed one year of high school foreign language (such as Spanish, French, German), you may enroll in the second semester of that language at the college level (such as Spanish 102, French 102, German 102); two years of HS, then 201-level course; three years HS, then 202-level course; four years HS, then 301-level course.
  • You may also check your academic requirements in Degree Audit
    VandalWeb allows you to audit your degree progress at any time. The degree audit details all requirements for the core curriculum and degree requirements using your current declared curriculum.
    To view your Degree Audit: login to VandalWeb ( and select the Student Information / Registration Men then select Student Records / Grades / Degree Audit then select Degree Audit. Your core curriculum requirements, degree and major requirements, and minor requirements load on one page. If you have a second degree program, select it from the drop-down menu at the top to the right of your name.

    There is also a What If option to allow you to explore other degrees and majors. An Introduction to Degree Audit guide provides a general overview with tips and tricks for accessing and reading your degree audit.