Fall Semester Registration Advice

On behalf of the staff, faculty, and students of the University Honors Program, I want to express a warm welcome.

As you may know, entering freshmen must confer with an academic advisor in their prospective major prior to online registration that occurs on the Moscow campus on "Vandal Fridays" (March 28 or April 18--I hope that you can also attend UHP Information Sessions 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. on each Vandal Friday, held in the Kibbie Dome Team Room C, located in the northeast corridor) and also registration will be available online for students unable to attend one of the Vandal Friday events.

To help you understand honors advising, please review the "Honors Program Overview" and refer to the list of fall semester honors courses. Read this information and advice carefully so that you may include at least three HON-designated credits in your fall schedule, which is required if you wish to be a member of the UHP this fall.  I encourage you to arrange a provisional course schedule prior to registration for fall semester.

If you are unable to come to campus on March 28 or April 18, call your primary major(s)/department(s) to learn who will be your academic advisor, and see the university Academic Advising site and the Admitted Students site, as well as instructions on How to Register for classes, available on the Registrar's website and also see link on this page in right-side column under Advising Links.

Also note that to retain program membership privileges, including priority registration, new UHP students must maintain a University of Idaho 3.3 institutional GPA, and complete at a minimum three HON-designated credits in the first semester, and (on average over the first-year) at least six HON-designated credits by the end of the second semester. When you confer with academic advisors, it is essential to let them know that you will need to include one or more honors classes in your fall schedule. It is important for you also to understand the university's core curriculum requirements in General Education, including opportunities for honors students to enroll in honors sections of general education core courses.  Each of the three-to-four credit 100-200 level honors courses counts towards fulfilling some category within the university’s requirements in general education. Honors study is an opportunity to enrich your education: the initiative to enroll in honors courses rests with you.

If you have questions or need assistance be sure to use the UI toll-free number, 1-888-884-3246, which will reach the campus operator who can connect you with any campus office. If you wish to contact the honors program office directly, please call 208-885-6147.

Again, welcome to the University of Idaho and to the Honors Program.  We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks.