The University Honors Program features a curriculum that supports the development of each student's learning, initiative, and creativity.

Learning experiences are intended to engage students in curricular and co-curricular education across all majors and programs of study. Classes tend to be small and students get the chance to build close intellectual relationships with faculty and peers.

As part of a dynamic, broad-based education, members are encouraged to participate in domestic or international exchange programs, and to engage in laboratory or field-based research programs as well as internships and other forms of cooperative education.

Students also have the option to complete an honors thesis project in a field of their choice.

Honors students receive priority registration privileges, which means they can register first each semester.

Most students take courses and participate in the program without adding to the total number of credits needed for graduation.

Students who complete the "Honors Core Award," the "University Honors Program Certificate," and/or Honors Thesis have those distinctions noted on their official UI transcripts.

“The Honors Program has been a vital part of my undergraduate career; without it, I would surely be in a lower place right now. The staff, the students, and the structure make for a perfect ebb and flow of commitment and comeuppance. There is always someone happy to help and an adventure waiting to be started.”

Calvin Miller '16
Biology and Spanish
Post Falls, ID

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