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Facilities Offices

Facilities Services
phone: 208.885.6246 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact the University Energy Plant at 208.885.6271

Campus Mail

Campus Mail
phone: 208.885.7011 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2282
Moscow, ID 83844-2282

Building Exteriors

Building Exteriors
phone: 208.885.5946 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

Garage/LES Shops

Garage/LES Shops
phone: 208.885.7104 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281


phone: 208.885.6734 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

Campus Storage

Campus Storage
phone: 208.885.6633 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

Shop Stores

Shop Stores
phone: 208.885.9215 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281


phone: 208.885.2091 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281


Winter Weather Impacting UPS Deliveries

Click on link for more information.

Mail and Shipping Price Increases

The United States Postal Service will increase prices for both Mailing Services and Shipping Services on Sunday, January 26, 2014. The price to mail a single-piece one-ounce business letter will increase from 46¢ to 49¢. The overall increase will be 6%.

Price increases are planned for the full range of postal products and will impact First-Class Mail (letters, flat envelopes, postcards and parcels), Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Package Services, Media Mail, Standard Mail and Extra Services. Among the significant price increases to take effect are:

• 1-oz First-Class Mail single-piece letter to increase 3¢ to 49¢
• 1-oz First-Class Mail flat envelope to increase 6¢ to 98¢
• First-Class Mail Postcard to increase 1¢ to 34¢
• 1-oz to 3-oz First-Class Mail parcel to increase 25¢ to $2.32
• Certified Mail to increase 20¢ to $3.30
• Large Flat-Rate Priority Mail boxes to increase 60¢ to $17.45

UPS 2014 Rates increased on December 30, 2013 an average of 4.9% for Ground, Air and International. U of I has a great UPS discount sometimes ½ the retail cost. Campus Mail Services will compare costs of packages for you and ship the most economical method if you mark your package “BEST WAY”. For your convenience we have shipping labels for you to download on the main page of our website under “DOWNLOADS”.

FedEx’s average 3.9% increase took effect January 6, 2014. Campus mail Services does not currently ship FedEx.

EZ Package Tracking Procedure for Campus Customers

Campus Mail Services (CMS) receives hundreds of packages per day. Due to the high volume of phone calls for package inquiries and the availability to track packages online since March, 2010 CMS staff will no longer track packages for you over the phone. If you need to track a package please use the Campus Mail Services internal package tracking website.  Please review this document for directions.


Several years ago, Campus Mail Services (CMS) and Central Receiving were separate departments. The mail coming from the Post Office was addressed to a PO Box number and was delivered by CMS. Carriers like UPS, FedEx Ground, and freight were delivered by Central Receiving and were addressed to a street address or simply, “Receiving”. When Campus Mail Services and Central Receiving merged, we ended up with several address formats for the University business mail.

To eliminate some, if not all, of the confusion with addressing and package/mail delivery here on campus, the PO Box format currently used for mail will be dropped completely, and we’ll use only one address for all mail, freight, UPS, FedEx Ground, and various other carriers. The new format will be the UI official street address of 875 Perimeter Drive with a “mail stop” number for each department. The mail stop number is your current campus zip.

The new address format is:

Department Name
University of Idaho
MOSCOW ID 83844-xxxx

The street address must come first-followed by the Mail Stop (MS) number.

Every department on campus has a unique campus address. CMS uses the department name and MS number to deliver all of the mail and packages on campus. As long as we have those two pieces of information we can deliver efficiently and on time. Addressing mail to any other location may result in delay of the delivery.

We surveyed the CUIBO and FIG users, and discussed the idea here at Facilities and with the United States Postal Service (USPS). Based on the collective feedback, we expect this solution will provide greater customer satisfaction as well as be simpler and more efficient for both off campus delivery vendors and our campus customers. This will eliminate the problem of UPS and other carriers that do not accept PO Box numbers. It also eliminates the confusion of which of the 3 address formats to use for which carrier. This change would not impact student mail, as the post office delivers student mail directly to Wallace Center. Current stationery, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, etc. can all continue to be used and changed to the new address format as supplies are used up. Both Campus Mail and the USPS will continue to deliver mail addressed using the old P.O Box format regardless, but we hope to have everyone transitioned into using the new format by FY14.

We are working with Accounts Payable to update Purchasing Card addresses with the bank.

Have questions? Please visit our FAQ page

You can submit a question by emailing


Several campus departments choose to use their own physical address for direct package delivery around campus. UPS, FedEx Ground, and other private ground carriers have a difficult time finding these departments because current campus signage doesn’t reflect actual street addresses, and delivery personnel are often unfamiliar with our campus layout. Please be aware that when a department chooses to use their street address for direct delivery, they are doing so at their own risk, and there is a good chance that these packages may be delivered incorrectly, delayed in delivery, or returned to sender because your department can’t be found by the delivery person. When packages have been delivered incorrectly by a private carrier, it is the responsibility of the department… not CMS… to contact the private carrier directly to find those lost or missing packages. CMS does not internally track packages that are not delivered to the central receiving dock… in fact, we have no way of even knowing that they exist… so CMS will not be responsible for tracking down missing packages that are mis-delivered or where attempted delivery has failed by a private carrier such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

The best way to avoid lost or mis-delivered packages is to always use the CMS central receiving address of 875 Perimeter Drive with your Mail Stop number on the address as well. This allows CMS staff to be able to scan and track the packages as they arrive on the dock. Most packages are delivered the same day or the next morning, unless they arrive after the last delivery time on Friday. Please consider using this method, as we have found it is more reliable than direct package delivery by private carriers.

For an example of a correct and incorrect addresses, follow this hyperlink


Beginning in FY11 inbound freight (defined below) for the University of Idaho will be received by Campus Mail Services and then signed over to and delivered by City North American freight lines. City North American will direct bill all departments for this service.  For questions and information about freight please contact City North American at:

Freight: Packages from any carrier that meet one or more of the following: over 70 pounds; length + girth = 110 inches or more; pallets of shrink wrapped packages; multiple packages received; or ones that will not fit in the mailroom or mail cabinet.

Learn how to use the new CMR package tracking system by clicking here.
Track packages by clicking here

Send your name and address with a note requesting that your name and address be removed from mailing lists to:

Personal Mailing lists:

Mail Preference Service
Direct Marketing Association
P O Box 9008
Farmington NY 11735-9008

Business Mailing lists:

American Business Information
Attn: Operation Database Maintenance
PO Box 27347
Omaha NE 68127-0347

You can also visit to control what you receive in your mailbox.

USPS Mail Collection Sites for Stamped Mail
University Station Post Office-704 Deakin Street-Inside
SUB-709 Deakin Street-Drive up
Sixth & Rayburn Street-N.E. Corner-Walk up
Palouse Empire Mall-Rite Aid & Mall Entrance-Walk up
Corner First & Main Street-Walk up
Rosauers Parking lot-N. Main Street-Drive Thru
Moscow Post Office-220 E Fifth Street-Drive Thru or Walk in