Other Efforts

A number of other sustainable activities are happening on campus.  Some of these activities include:

  • Solid waste with hazardous components (e.g. computer monitors, fluorescent lamps, refrigerant compressors, etc.) are separated from the solid waste stream and recycled or disposed of through approved methods. With the increase of electronic equipment that has a relatively short lifetime, our quantity of this material is approximately 30,000 pounds per year, up from 10,000 pounds average before FY03. Fluorescent tube recycling is approximately 18,000 pounds per year, up from 10,000 pounds per year. Metal and cardboard, totaling approximately 200 tons per year, is diverted from the solid waste stream and recycled via the outdoor collection bin recycling program and centralized drop off areas. Paper, plastics, and aluminum cans are recycled via a building pick up program for paper (collection rooms within buildings). There are also 48 exterior trash/beverage recycling containers around the walkways on campus. This accounts for 85 tons per year being diverted from the solid waste stream.


  • Discarded equipment and furniture from the University of Idaho is made available for re-use by other University departments, offered to other governmental agencies, or offered for public sale. During FY05, 200 tons of equipment and material was directed into re-use and diverted from the landfill. Facilitating re-use of discarded items is the ultimate in recycling.  You can learn more about surplus property at the University of Idaho by vising our website.


  • University of Idaho Bulk Business Mail Sustainability Initiative.  The University of Idaho annually receives many tons of bulk business mail, commonly referred to as “junk mail,” almost all of which is immediately thrown away. Delivering bulk business mail consumes valuable staff time, increases fuel and equipment use and increases the volume of waste that must be processed. The policy also helps the University of Idaho fulfill its commitment to the American Colleges and Universities Presidents Climate Commitment program that President Tim White signed onto in April of 2007.  You can learn more about our Bulk Mail Sustainability Initiative by vising our website.