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Facilities Services
phone: 208.885.6246 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact the University Energy Plant at 208.885.6271

Landscape Data

The Landscape and Exterior Services departments are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the exterior environment on campus, and a number of their existing programs improve the sustainability of our campus.

  • Since 1990 the University of Idaho has planted more than 2,400 trees from 100 different genus and species on campus, some as replacement for removed trees, but most are additions. Trees provide CO2 retention, reducing the volume of greenhouse gases, and help cool the environment by capturing solar energy to build complex hydrocarbons. They also provide shelter and food for a wide variety of animal life.


  • As part of our flood control program, the University has developed a number of storm water retention ponds and creek diversions, which function as overflow areas for the main stream channel when needed.


  • During recent years the University's turf management program has instituted sustainable practices.   These include mulching grass clippings, using automatic watering systems, and reducing the use of ornamental turf on slopes.


  • For over 30 years the University of Idaho has used reclaimed water to irrigate much of the campus landscape

Reclaimed water system

For over thirty years the University of Idaho has used reclaimed water to irrigate much of campus More

Paradise Creek

ecosystem restoration

Paradise Creek will be daylighted and restored to its historic route as part of a major project to improve the portion of the creek which runs through campus More

Naturalized Areas

In 2009 a Campus Naturlization Map was prepared to indicate which areas of the campus landscape have been naturalized to reduce maintenance, increase safety, and promote sustainability. More

Campus Tree Inventory

An ongoing effort of Architectural and Engineering Services is to inventory the trees on the University of Idaho campus More