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Facilities Offices

Facilities Services
phone: 208.885.6246 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact the University Energy Plant at 208.885.6271


  • Non-Chargeable Services
    • Building Access- responsible for unlocking and locking the exterior doors and general university classrooms in academic buildings on campus except TLC and LLC.
    • Cleaning Frequencies- clean daily restrooms, classrooms, and laboratories along with all common areas.  Reception office areas are done twice a week and individual offices once a week.
    • Floor care- Refinish most hard floors once a year in common areas and classrooms.  Laboratories and offices are done on request. Wood gym floors are done every three years.
    • Minor Maintenance- Provide minor maintenance to repair or replace ceiling and floor tiles, classroom clocks, restroom dispensers, hanging pictures, drapery repairs, minor furniture repairs and carpet repairs.
    • Emergency Cleaning- call 208-885-6246 for emergency clean ups after floods, sickness, spills, etc in academic building between 8am to 5pm during the week.  After hours and weekends, call 208-885-6271.
  • Chargeable Services:
    • Weekend Services- Provide access to academic buildings and classrooms on weekends at no charge, but if custodial services are required, there may be a charge.  Reservations for classrooms need to be approved by the Registrar’s Office.
    • Floor care- more frequency floor care requests than once a year for hard floors or carpet cleaning will require a budget number so services can be charged.
    •  Upholstery and draping cleaning will require a budget number so services can be charged.
    • Window Washing-exterior window washing on academic buildings is not provided.  An outside contractor does this service.  Department needs to pay for service so budget number is required.