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Facilities Offices

Facilities Services
phone: 208.885.6246 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact the University Energy Plant at 208.885.6271


  • Building Access
    Building Services is responsible for unlocking and locking the exterior doors and general university classrooms in academic buildings on campus on weekdays and weekends. Building occupants are responsible for closing and locking their own offices and labs. We do not check doors into areas assigned to departments or individuals except when we are cleaning the area. (See weekend services for access on weekends)
  • Cleaning Frequencies
    Building Services cleans daily restrooms and replenish the supplies in them. We clean classrooms and laboratories daily. In common areas in buildings, we empty trash, clean entrance door glass, sweep or vacuum, and mop floors. Stairwells are done daily as well. Building Services replaces lamps when needed if reachable with a 10ft ladder.
  • Emergency Cleaning
    Please call 885-6246 on weekdays and 885-6271 on weekends or evenings for emergency clean ups after floods, sickness, spills, etc, in academic buildings.
  • Floor Care Services
    Building Service refinishes most hard floors in academic buildings once a year in hallways, classrooms, and labs. Carpet cleaning is done yearly in hallways and classrooms. Upholstery cleaning is done upon request and may require a budget number to charge for this service. Hard floor refinishing and carpet cleaning in reception areas and private offices are done upon request once a year. More frequent, there will be charge. Gym floors are done every three years.
  • Minor Maintenance Requests
    Building Services does provide minor maintenance for academic buildings on campus. Minor maintenance means such items as repair or replacement of floor and ceiling tiles, classroom clocks, restroom dispensers, and podiums in classrooms. In addition, minor maintenance items may include the hanging of pictures, minor repairs on furniture, and carpet repairs. Please send requests to or call 885-6246. A budget number may be required for some requests.
  • Office Cleaning
    Reception office areas are done twice a week and individual offices once a week. This including dusting horizontal surfaces without disturbing personal items, vacuum or swept, and/or mop the floors.
  • Snow Removal
    Building Services is responsible to do the snow removal of steps and entrances to the academic buildings on campus.
  • Weekend Services
    Building Services does provide access to academic buildings and classrooms upon request on weekends. Please call 885-6246 or email to make request. We need two days notice and must be approved by the Registrar’s office. No access is provided by Building Services for holidays or periods when the university is closed. Custodial services are provided in academic buildings upon request on weekends. A two-week notice must be given. Departments must provide a budget number so labor can be charged for these services. These services are charged out at our weekend rate for custodial.
  • Window Washing
    Window washing for exterior windows on academic buildings are not provided at this time due to budget restraints. An outside window washing contractor is available if the department is willing to pay for service. Please contact Building Services Manager at 885-2820 or email at for further information. Building Services does interior washing on all academic buildings yearly. Entrance door glass is done daily.