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phone: 208.885.6246 
875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
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For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact the University Energy Plant at 208.885.6271

Campus Planning History

1908 Sketch
By John Charles Olmsted
In 1908 the nation's premier landscape architects, the Olmsted Brothers of Massachusetts, designed a master plan for Idaho's university, creating a new campus to complement the new Administration Building.
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ca. 1925 Future Development Map
By Rudolph Weaver, Moscow, Idaho
Weaver was the chair of the Architecture department and campus architect. He is the architect of record for the Life Science South building.
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1947 Long Range Plan
by Victor Jones, Boise, Idaho
Today the Agricultural Science addition and Executive Residence occupy the locations proposed in this plan. Many other elements, however, are significantly different than campus today.
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1955 Long Range Plan
By Victor Jones, Seattle, Washington
Many elements of this plan are present in the campus today. Most notably the Swim Center, and PEB are in the locations shown in this plan. The Family Housing on Sweet Avenue is in the location proposed here. Also, the Colleges of Natural Resources and Education are in locations shown as "Instruction" in this plan.
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1971 Planning Study
for the University of Idaho
Several buidings in this plan were constructed including the Hartung Theater and College of Law. The ring road and proposed water feature are significantly different than what exists today
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1997 Illustrative Plan
Prepared by Gordon Walker
Prominent Seattle architect Gordon Walker, a University of Idaho alum, was hired by the office of Capital Planning in the 1990's to serve as a special consultant and advisor in the planning process that led to the current long range campus development plan. Mr. Walker was also the lead designer for the J.A. Albertson College of Business building while working in collaboration with YGH Architects and Design West Architects.
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2011 Long Range Campus Development Plan
current as of April 2012
This reflects the current direction for the campus. Recent projects that are reflected in this plan include the Paradise Creek Ecosystem Restoration and the Stadium Drive Extension project
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Building Dedications and Date Stones
This document contains photos and location descriptions of many of the historic markers on several campus buildings and structures.
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