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Submitting Events

Only events that are sponsored or conducted by University Extension offices will be published.

Submitter Information

Contact information is required for publication. Keep confirmation messages as they will allow cancellation of an event if necessary.

Event Name

The title to appear on the calendar (e.g., Canyon County Beef Field Day).


Provide complete physical address. Events without a specific location will not be published. 


Events must be entered as Pacific Time. Time zone filters on local calendars will translate events to Mountain Time where appropriate.


Select All for statewide distribution or your district for regional access. Note district labels correspond to old 4-H district designations.

County Office

Select your county. If appropriate, multiple counties may be selected. 

Web Link

Include link to the Web page with event information or materials.

Event Description

Provide a description of your event. Include details such as cost and who to contact for additional information.