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Family Forest Owner Resources

Forestry educational and assistance programs are available to Idaho landowners from a variety of sources. Some of these sources are public and are sponsored by government agencies. Some sources are private, provided by consulting foresters for a fee. Some are associations made up of private forest landowners, Christmas tree growers, or citizens interested in participating in the conservation of specific habitats or wildlife species.

Whatever your situation, there is probably an organization or individual that can help you. Publications, educational programs, technical advice, financial assistance, and private organizations are available to help you manage all the components of your forest land.

We need your help!

The University of Idaho is revising a directory of consulting foresters, forestry technicians and similar professionals with formal degrees in natural resources who provide advice and services to family forest owners for a fee, and can serve as the landowner’s legal representative.

To compile that list, we will be contacting most of the firms currently on the list posted on the UI web site. If you  or someone you know would be appropriate to add to this list, please fill out and return the sign-up form:

Idaho Natural Resource Consultant Directory Sign-up Form (WORD format)
Idaho Natural Resource Consultant Directory Sign-up Form (PDF format)

The deadline for inclusion in the first iteration of this directory is May 15, 2014. The directory will be updated annually as needed and will be available primarily in electronic form, though it will be set up so hard copies can be printed. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email Chris Schnepf or call him at (208) 446-1680.

Disclaimer: The information provided by this site is supplied with the understanding that the listing of commercial products, firms or websites implies no endorsement by University of Idaho Extension.

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Cost Share and Grant Programs

Federal Natural Resource Agencies

Forestry and Christmas Tree Growers Associations

Idaho Natural Resource Agencies

Land Trusts
Land trusts are local, regional, or statewide non-profit organizations directly involved in protecting important land resources for the public benefit. America’s nearly 900 land trusts have protected over 2 million acres. These include farms, wetlands, wildlife habitat, urban gardens and parks, forests, ranches, watersheds, coastlines, river corridors, and trails. Land trusts protect land permanently and directly. They accept donations of properties, buy land, or help landowners establish legal restrictions that limit harmful use and development.


Natural Resource Consultants
Natural Resource Consultants Natural Resource Consultants offer a wide range of independent natural resource management services. A consultant is hired by a landowner on a fee basis and works directly for the individual landowner. Consultants can provide more in-depth and comprehensive services than natural resource professionals employed by public agencies.

Choosing a natural resource consultant is similar to choosing other professionals to work for you. Ask for references and talk to landowners who have previously employed the consultant. Discuss the job and fee prior to making commitments. A natural resource consultant works for you and should be in business to do the best job possible for you.

Natural Resource Organizations

Technical Assistance for Idaho Family Forest Owners