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University of Idaho Extension Forestry

RREA in Idaho

RREA in IdahoThe Renewable Resource Extension Act (RREA) in Idaho.
Idaho has some of the most productive family forests in the Rocky Mountains, forests that are critical to timber, water, wildlife, and many other shared values. The Renewable Resource Extension Act (RREA) program’s guiding principal is that people and communities benefit from research-based natural resource information.

In Idaho, this multifaceted program focuses on issues important to Idaho family forest owners and the natural resource professionals that work with them; issues such as wildland fire and forest health. RREA in Idaho is also looking forward to immerging issues that have statewide and national importance, such as biomass utilization and global climate change. In addition to providing programming to the citizens of Idaho that allows them to make better natural resource management decisions, RREA also works in strong partnership with local, state, tribal, and federal organizations and agencies – a key factor in the 20 year success of this program in our state.