Boise River Recreation Park

Physical Modeling Of Wave Generation For The Boise River Recreation Park

The Boise River Recreation Park, to be located just 2 km from the center of downtown Boise is currently in the design and planning phase.

The park design features a 0.6 km reach of the Boise River with enhanced recreational and ecological value - including whitewater features that are operational year around, low-hazard river access and passage, and improvements of the river riparian zone and fishery habitat. Planned whitewater features include a pool and drop standing wave feature.

One design goal is to produce a large and low-hazard standing wave at low to moderate river flow rates (7 to 70 cms).

A quarter-scale physical model of a novel wave generating structure is being investigated in the recently completed Center for Ecohydraulics Stream Laboratory (CERSL) flume.

The objective of the present project is to demonstrate an abrupt drop structure that will produce a standing wave with features that are desired by whitewater boaters and that will operate over a wide range of flow rates.

Research publication:
Budwig, R., McLaughlin, R.E., Clayton, S., Sweet, S., and Goodwin, P. Physical modeling of wave generation for the Boise River Recreation Park in the Center for Ecohydraulics Stream Laboratory. In review for the Proceedings of the International Conference of Science and Information Technologies for Sustainable Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, Concepción, Chile, January 12 -16, 2009.

Richard E. McLaughlin, McLaughlin Whitewater Design Group, Denver, CO
Steve Clayton, CH2M Hill, Boise, ID
Steve Sweet, Quadrant Consulting, Inc., Boise, ID
Peter Goodwin, Center for Ecohydraulics Research, Boise, ID

See the Waveshaper™ preliminary testing in the CER Stream Laboratory for the Boise River Recreation Park:

Download Video of the Waveshaper™ model testing for Boise River Recreation Park (Windows Media)

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