Daniele Tonina Published as Contributing Author in New Book

Daniele Tonina has been published as a contributing author in Fluid Mechanics of Environmental Interfaces, Second Edition (2012), edited by Carlos Gualtieri and Dragutin T. Mihailovic. Dr. Tonina’s chapter is entitled "Surface Water and Streambed Sediment Interaction: The Hyporheic Exchange." 

"Environmental fluid mechanics (EFM) studies the motion of air and water at several different scales, the fate and transport of species carried along by these fluids, and the interactions among those flows and geological, biological, and engineered systems. The second edition of the successful textbook Fluid Mechanics of Environmental Interfaces is still aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of fluid mechanical processes occurring at the different interfaces existing in the realm of EFM, such as the air-water interface, the air-land interface, the water-sediment interface, the surface water-groundwater interface, the water-vegetation interface, and the water-biological systems interface." For more information, or to purchase, visit: CRC Press.

At the 2012 annual conference of the American Geophysical Union, Inside Science News Service published an article entitled “Salmon: Agents of Riverbed Erosion.”  The article was based on an interview with Dr. Daniele Tonina and on a presentation at the conference by Todd Buxton who is a CER Ph.D. student.