Payment Plans

Signing Up for a Payment Plan

To sign up for a payment plan, log in to Vandal Web, select Student Account Information, select Student Accounts Center, select Payment Plans.

If you are unable to pay in-full up front, or do not have enough financial aid to cover the full balance for the semester, you can set up a student payment plan.

The University of Idaho offers payment plans to students. Fees, tuition, on-campus housing, meal plans, and SHIP charges are eligible to be included in a payment plan. Payment plans require an enrollment fee at the time you start the plan. The enrollment fee is $55 for each semester.

Important Details

  • You must have the payment plan set up by the first day of classes to avoid late fees from the University of Idaho.
  • You must have at least $150 in charges to set up a payment plan.
  • A late fee of $60 is charged for payments not received by each payment plan installment due date.
  • Transcripts will be held until the balance on your student account is paid in full, including amounts on payment plans. Account balance must be zero before a transcript is released. If you need transcripts please remember to order them after the account balance is paid, and before the next semester begins.
  • If you receive financial aid after you have set up a payment plan, the financial aid is applied to your student account balance first, and the plan installment amounts are decreased or cancelled.
  • Missing two consecutive installments on a payment plan will result in the plan being cancelled and regular University of Idaho late payment fees will be incurred.