• Contract Forms
    Affiliation Agreement Templates

    These agreements should be utilized when students are seeking to complete their practicum at a location other than the University of Idaho. 
    Facilities Use Agreement
    • A Facilities Use Agreement is used when someone is using or "renting" University buildings/rooms/space usually for an event.
    • This form does have insurance requirements.

    Service Contract Short Form

    • The Service Contract Short Form may be used for services with a total less than $10,000.
    • Service Contracts should be used for payment of service, not goods.

    Service Contract Long Form

    • The Service Contract Long Form may be used for services with a total Annual cost more than $10,000.
    • Service contracts should be used no matter the dollar amount for obtaining services as opposed to goods.

    Contract Approval Document

    • The Contract Approval Document is used for all contracts.
    • Service providers will need to have a completed W-9* on file.
    • Please print the W-9 form, have the other party fill it out and sign it.
    • The W-9 should accompany the completed contract.

    Contractor vs. Employee form and IRS 20 Point Checklist for Independent Contractors

    • The Contractor vs. Employee form should be used prior to completing a contract to determine if an individual is correctly classified as an Independent Contractor or an Employee.

  • Purchasing Forms
    Bid Waiver Request (Formerly Sole Source)
    • Competitive bidding is required for all purchases over $5,000 unless a waiver of competition is granted by the Director of Contracts and Purchasing Services.  Waivers will only be granted in accordance with Section 60.13 of the APM.  
    • To submit a bid waiver request please complete this form and send it, along with the supporting documentation to Contracts and Purchasing Services.

    Purchase Orders less than $5,000
    • Items totaling less than $5,000 may be purchased using a Purchase Order (PO) or a Purchasing Card. No competition is required for items purchased under $5,000.
    • Purchase Orders are created in the Banner system.

    Request for Bid
    • The process is conducted by Purchasing Services only.
    • Request for Bids must include clearly defined specifications and are obtained in writing in a sealed bid process to be opened in a public bid opening. 
    • Please refer to Chapter 60.11 of the Administrative Procedures Manual for further information about RFB's.
    Contact Purchasing Services for more information.

    Request for Proposal 
    • A RFP is used for goods or services when consideration must be given to factors other than price. Evaluated on a predetermined point system based on evaluation criteria.
    • RFPs are prepared by Purchasing Services using technical information provided by the requestor of the goods and/or service.
    • Please refer to Chapter 60.12 of the Administrative Procedures Manual about RFPs

    Contact Purchasing Services for more information.

    Ship to Address Request Form
    • All requisitions and purchase orders should utilize the central receiving code: 2281Z