Accounts Payable FAQ

  • If I need to submit a W-9 form should I attach it to the claim voucher with the receipts and other paperwork?

    You should always submit W-9 forms to separately from receipts and other paperwork.  They should never be attached to the claim in the Claim Voucher program.

  • What is the prefered file type to send to apdocs?
    Documents that will be forwarded to apdocs should be scanned as PDF's.  For the best quality image we strongly recommend all documents be submitted in the PDF format.
  • Who do I contact when I have questions about an invoice?
    For vendors beginning with the letters "ACDEGHLMNS" please contact Alice Reyes 208-885-5390.  For Vendors with the beginning letter "BFIJKOPQRTUWXYZ" please contact Brandi Chastain  208-885-5394.
  • Should an invoice be resent to apdocs if I do not see that it has been processed?
    No, invoices should only be sent one time to apdocs.  If you do not see that your invoice has been processed please contact the person who enters that invoice (see staff contact page for work assignments).  You should not resubmit anything unless requested to do so by the appropriate Accounts Payable Staff member.
  • What do I do to stop University emails from going to my Junk Email folder?
    Right click on one of the emails in your Junk email folder that came from somebody at the University.  Use the pop up menu to allow all emails from that email extension.  Now any email from should go to your inbox.
  • How do I get a new vendor on the system? Should vendors send documents to apdocs?

    To set up a new vendor please have the vendor fill out a W-9 form and submit it to apdocs.  Vendors are also encouraged to send invoices directly to apdocs.

  • What should I do with an invoice I receive when I use a Purchase Order (PO) number?
    You should make sure the Purchase Order (PO) number is listed on the invoice and forward it to for payment.