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Taylor Wilderness Research Station
College of Natural Resources

Course Costs

Semester In The Wild course costs

Semester in the Wild gives you distinct academic, professional and personal experiences. The semester will enrich your understanding of natural resource issues and provide you an opportunity for tremendous personal growth. The costs of offering these exceptional experiences are reflected in tuition and fees—your tuition supports curriculum development, field trips and daily course expenses.

What you will learn through experiential learning will stay with you. In keeping with the principles of experiential learning, we will weave educational outcomes into nearly every facet of our time together in the wild.

  • Summary of Charges
    • In-state undergraduate tuition/fees: $3,510 (National Student Exchange students pay in-state tuition)
    • Out-of-state tuition/fees: $10,512
    • Room, board and transportation: $4,000
    • Field trip fees: $450
    *All rates are subject to change

    You must supply personal gear (cost varies). All students must also provide their own medical insurance while enrolled in Semester in the Wild.

    Please contact us to better understand the cost and value of our courses.

  • Why is this course worth more than regular classes?
    • It’s a once in an undergraduate opportunity to live and learn in the heart of the Frank Church—River of No Return Wilderness.

    • Semester In The Wild weaves educational outcomes into nearly every facet of our time together in the wild. By taking the classroom into the wilderness, you will have a richer and more nuanced understanding of water resources, river ecology, and the social aspects of wilderness management. You will also have practical experience in communicating ideas about wilderness and science to general audiences.

    • Through our leadership curriculum and this immersive living experience, you will gain the skills and awareness you need to be an effective professional.

    • After the Semester In The Wild experiences, you will return to your program energized and engaged. You will become the leaders and initiators in your classes and field of study.
  • What costs does my tuition support?
    • Round-trip transportation from Moscow campus
    • Lodging and meals from August 23 to November 20, 2015