Bighorn sheep

Long Term Monitoring

Jim and Holly Akenson
(UI/Idaho Department of Fish and Game) - Sensitive species reporting and surveys (including Harlequin duck, wolverine, and fisher); winter ungulate population monitoring (1998-present).

Steve Achord
(National Marine Fisheries Service, NOAA) - Conducting annual PIT tagging of Chinook salmon parr on Big Creek and Rush Creek at Taylor Wilderness Research Station to assess juvenile salmon survival rates at dams (1988-present).

Dr. Benjamin Crosby
(ISU) - "Maintenance and calibration of digital stream flow measurements at Taylor Wilderness Research Station bridge; data used to evaluate how stream flow affects the many biological and physical processes studied at Taylor" (2008-present).

Idaho Chapter of Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
(FNAWS) and Taylor Wilderness Research Station (Jim and Holly Akenson) - Annual bighorn sheep winter composition survey (2001-2009).

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
(IDFG) - Elk counts and elk sightability population estimates with annual flights on fixed wing aircraft (1961-1989); helicopter sightability flights every three years (1989-2005).

Dr. Wayne Minshall
(ISU) - monitoring of aquatic invertebrates on 7 streams (Rush Cr., Pioneer Cr., Cliff Cr., Cougar Cr., Goat Cr., Cow Cr., and Cave Cr.) around Taylor Ranch Field Station from 1988 to Present. "Biomonitoring results from wilderness streams in Idaho."

Dr. Jim Peek
(UI) - Monitoring of nonforested plant communities (1988-present).

Dr. Chuck Peterson
(ISU) - Amphibian population monitoring (1994-present).

Dr. Beth Sanderson 
(National Marine Fisheries, NOAA) - Monitoring habitat, growth and survival of juvenile Chinook and steelhead in Big Creek and Rush Creek.

Taylor Wilderness Research Station
Daily climatological temperature and precipitation data as a cooperative research station (1974-present), Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS) in operation (2008-present).