Jim Peek

Jim Peek

University of Idaho
University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Emeritus Professor

  • Selected Publications
    • Peek, J.M. 2010. Pattern of herbivory, nitrogen content, and biomass of bluebunch wheatgrass on a mountain sheep habitat in central Idaho.  Northwest Science 84: 386-393.
    • Peek, J. M. (Chair), B. Dale, H. Hristienko, L. Kantar, K. Loyd, S. Mahoney, D. Murray, L. Olver, and C. Soulliere.  2012.  Management of large mammalian carnivore in North America.  The Wildlife Society Technical Review 12-1.   76pp.
  • Awards and Honors
    • Honorary Membership, The Wildlife Society, October 2012