Dr Benjamin Crosby

Dr. Benjamin Crosby, Idaho State University

Our work focuses on the geomorphic and hydrologic processes active in the Big Creek watershed. In particular, we are interested in quantifying the timing and magnitude of water and sediment flows in Big Creek and its lower tributaries. To do this, we first measure water level using non-invasive, well concealed pressure loggers in tributaries and a radar sensor on the mainstem. These measurements of water level are then correlated to numerous manual measurements of water discharge. These discharges constrain a correlation between level and discharge so we can construct a continuous record of flows. We measure sediment by using a combination of automated and manual water sampling techniques on and near the Taylor Ranch property. These samples are then filtered and the mass of suspended sediment is quantified. The graduate and undergraduate students working on these projects provide a mechanism for me to use recent data from Idaho's wilderness in the teaching I do at both the university and K-12 outreach level.