"The wind was intense, debris was pelting the shop and it sounded like a hurriance. All we could do was stay put." - Jim Akenson More

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Taylor Wilderness Research Station

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Featured Researchers

Jim and Holly Akenson
Holly and Jim Akenson
Taylor Wilderness Research Station, Scientists
Research Focus: Large carnivore-ungulate, predator-prey relationships in the Idaho wilderness over a 40-year period Interspecific relationships and competition among large carnivores (wolves, cougars, coyotes, bobcats) and among ungulates (elk, deer, bighorn sheep, moose) sharing home ranges on Big Creek. 3 undergraduate researchers, 12 students/technicians 1985 - 2010.
Lauren Fins
Lauren Fins
University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Professor
Research Focus: Ecological and genetic effects of blister rust infection in whitebark pines in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Effects of wildfire and competition on whitebark pine reproduction and survival. Graduate student: Ben Hoppus 2004 - present.
Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy
University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Habitat, community ecology, Energetics of juvenile Chinook salmon and relationships to population dynamics and life history variation in the Middle Fork Salmon River, Integrate Big Creek into long term Salmonid Rivers Observatory Network (SaRON) Graduate students: Kara Cromwell, Ellen Hamann, 5 undergraduate researchers 2005 -present.
» Chinook in Big Creek
Jim Peek
Jim Peek
University of Idaho, College of Natural Resources, Emeritus Professor
Research Focus: Long Term Monitoring of nonforested plant communities from 1988 to Present.
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Research Partners

Colden Baxter
Colden Baxter
Idaho State University, Department of Biological Sciences, Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Aquatic terrestrial ecological linkages in a wilderness watershed, food webs and energy flows following wildfire Ecosystem-level integration, multidisciplinary mapping of a wilderness watershed to generate a spatially continuous biophysical perspective and identify potentially important patterns within and among information layers, Effects of climate change on watershed ecosystems of the Salmon Basin. Graduate student: Rachel Malison, 4 undergraduate researchers 2005 - present.
» Long-Term Stream Ecology Monitoring
Ben Crosby
Benjamin Crosby
Idaho State University, Department of Geosciences, Assistant Professor
Research Focus: Geomorphological and ecological consequences of contemporary climate change effects of topography on the hydrology of Big Creek, a snow dominated basin. Monitoring of water and sediment fluxes from the tributaries and mainstream of Big Creek. Graduate student: Nei Olson 2008-2009.
» Big Creek Watershed
Paul Link
Paul Link
Idaho State University, Department of Geosciences, Professor
Research Focus: Fluvial geomorphology of Big Creek, Geomorphology and effects of Pleistocene landslides on the Big Creek drainage. Graduate students: Zachery Lifton, Elijah Eversole 2004 - present.
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Wayne Minshall
Wayne Minshall
Idaho State University, College of Biology, Emeritus Professor
Research Focus: The river continuum and stream species richness, Monitoring wilderness stream ecosystems, 20-year monitoring dataset, Fire effects on wilderness stream benthic macroinvertebrate communities. 1988 - present.
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Chuck Peterson
Chuck Peterson
Idaho State University, Department of Biological Sciences, Professor
Research Focus: Ecology and conservation of amphibians and reptiles species distribution, population monitoring, and habitat modeling, Physiological (thermal) ecology of reptiles. Graduate students: Javan Bauder, Jeremy Shive, 2 undergraduate researchers 1994 - present.