aylor Wilderness Research Station
Our Mission: To aid and promote educational programs and experiences throughout the United States. Primary areas of focus are engineering, wildlife, and natural resource conservation, especially those that encourage respect and stewardship of the earth.
A view of the Frank Church Wilderness Area

DeVlieg Foundation

The DeVlieg Foundation promotes educational programs and experiences with primary areas of focus in encouraging education of the sciences, engineering, renewable energy and preservation of our natural resources through wilderness research and field experiences. DeVlieg sponsors graduate stipends, inquiry-based undergraduate learning programs, and professional workshops to attract researchers to the University of Idaho's Taylor Wilderness Research Station. An experience in the wilderness and the opportunity to perform hands-on research in a pristine area is invaluable, and Taylor provides a study of large-scale ecosystem processes in an environment with minimal human influence.

The foundation has a long relationship with Taylor Wilderness Research Station and is interested in each and every project and student they are able to assist. The building of the DeVlieg cabin was an important contribution; the foundation not only contributed funds, but also "labor of love." The foundation is currently involved with the design of renewable energy utility systems at Taylor which are designed and constructed by young engineers at the University of Idaho College of Engineering, through Senior Capstone Studies. A new hydro and solar power grid have recently been installed, and work is currently being done to improve water system availability. The DeVlieg Foundation is interested in promoting a diversity of interests and experiences at the Taylor Wilderness Research Station.

Along with the DeVlieg Foundation, the Friends of Taylor Endowment is another key to the success of continuing opportunities at Taylor Wilderness Research Station. It's because of generous donors that the legacy of wilderness research lives on at Taylor Wilderness Research Station.