Interns at Taylor Wilderness Research Station
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Taylor Wilderness Research Station

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Internship Opportunities

Taylor Ranch Wilderness Internship

This 10-week internship at the Taylor Wilderness Research Station gives undergraduate students a unique opportunity to work with excellent faculty mentors while developing individual and group research efforts that contribute to the knowledge base for wilderness areas. Funded by the Ralph M. Bleak Endowment and the DeVlieg Foundation, students gain extensive field experience that further develops wilderness skills and ethics. Bleak & DeVlieg interns benefit from the wilderness facilities, pristine environment, and experiential learning during their summer at Taylor. Students perform their own individual research projects, collect research data, write reports, interact with visiting scientists, make presentations and lead discussions.

Opportunities might include:

  • Plant and plant community identification; 
  • rangeland vegetation monitoring; 
  • noxious weed surveys;
  • forest ecosystems and climate change; 
  • fire ecology;
  • stream ecology and monitoring;
  • conservation genetics;
  • wilderness ethics, skills and first aid;
  • Native American science and historical interpretation;
  • facility maintenance innovations;
  • traditional backcountry skills

Interested students may apply for the internship online.