PAG Issue Briefs

PAG Issue Briefs are timely summaries of research reports relevant to current natural resource topics that are prepared to meet needs perceived by the PAG staff.

Would a transfer of federal lands to the State of Idaho make or lose money?

Issue Brief No. 16. Prepared in response to a request by Representative Lawrence Denney, Co-Chair of the Federal Lands Interim Committee of the Idaho Legislature, by Jay O’Laughlin (November 2014). >> Download PDF

Wildland Fire Management: Are actively managed forests more resilient than passively managed forests? 

Issue Brief No. 15. Prepared for the Office of Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter by Jay O'Laughlin (October 2013). >> Download PDF

Secure Rural Schools Program Reauthorization, U.S. Forest Service Timber Sale Program, and Trust Land Management. 

Issue Brief No. 14. Prepared for Rep. Raúl Labrador’s staff, by Jay O’Laughlin (August 2011). >> Download PDF

Wildfire Risk Reduction, Fuels Treatment, and Federal Land Management Planning: Incorporating Risk Analysis into Landscape- and Project-level Planning. 

Issue Brief No. 13. Prepared for Wildland Fire Leadership Council by Jay O’Laughlin and presented in
Reno, Nevada (July 2010). >> Download PDF

Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP): Analysis of Proposed Options for “Matching Payments” for the Collection, Harvest, and Transport of Forest Biomass.

Issue Brief No. 12, prepared by Rich Lane and Jay O’Laughlin (March 2010). >> Download PDF

Carbon Sequestration Strategies in the Forest Sector.

Issue Brief No. 11, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (March 2008). >> Download PDF

Timber Harvests and Receipts from National Forest System Lands in Idaho.

Issue Brief No. 10, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (September 2007). >> Download PDF

Fuel Treatments and Wildfire Behavior.

Issue Brief No. 9, prepared by Jay O’Laughlin and Philip S. Cook (July 2007). [withdrawn while in progress for conversion to PAG Report Series document]

Ecosystem Services and Environmental Market Potentials: Portland Katoomba Conference Notes.

Issue Brief No. 8, preprared by Jay O'Laughlin and John A. Helms (July 2006). >> Download PDF

Forest Health and Biomass Energy Potential in Idaho: Time for a “Renewable Portfolio Standard” Policy?

Issue Brief No. 7, prepared by Jay O’Laughlin (January 2006). [withdrawn while in progress for conversion to PAG Report Series document]

Economic Impact of Salmon and Steelhead Fishing in Idaho: Review of the Idaho Rivers United Report.

Issue Brief No. 6, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (2005). >> Download PDF

Are Prescribed Burning Projects Feasible in Idaho Wilderness Areas?

Issue Brief No. 5, prepared by Philip S. Cook and Jay O'Laughlin (July 2004). >> Download PDF

Policies for Risk Assessment in Federal Land and Resource Management Decisions.

Issue Brief No. 4, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (July 2004). >> Download PDF

Superfund Liability Reform in 2002.

Issue Brief No. 3, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (2003), in response to a request from U.S. Senator Larry Craig's office. >> Download PDF

The Variable Impact of Dams on Columbia and Snake River Salmon Populations.

Issue Brief No. 2, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (2003). >> Download PDF

Softwood Lumber Imports from Canada: An Issue Brief.

Issue Brief No. 1, prepared by Jay O'Laughlin (2001), in response to a letter to Idaho legislators from the Canadian Consul General. >> Download PDF