PAG Report Series
The PAG has a mandate to publish series of reports through the University of Idaho’s College of Natural Resources Experiment Station. These are in-depth analyses suggested by the PAG's Advisory Committee.
In addition to the PAG Report Series produced to satisfy the mandate of its enabling legislation, the PAG publishes Issue Briefs and Fact Sheets in addition to a variety of Other Publications.
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PAG Issue Briefs
These are timely summaries of research reports relevant to current natural resource topics that are prepared to meet needs perceived by the PAG Staff.
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PAG Fact Sheets
These are short summaries based on PAG Staff research reports relevant to current natural resource topics.
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Other Publications
PAG Staff publishes other reports, articles, papers, and manuscripts that do not fit in the three categories above. Many of these are prepared in response to invitations to present information derived from PAG Report Series publications. Some are articles in refereed journals or other periodicals that are based on PAG reports, issue briefs, or fact sheets.
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