Mission and Mandate

The Idaho Legislature created the Policy Analysis Group (or “PAG”) in 1989 as a way for the University of Idaho to respond quickly to requests for information and analysis about current natural resource issues. The PAG is administered through the University of Idaho’s College of Natural Resources, Kurt S. Pregitzer, Dean.

As defined in its enabling legislation, the PAG’s formal mission is to provide timely, scientific and objective data and analysis, and analytical and information services, on resource and land use questions of general interest to the people of Idaho.

Technical Review

Peer review of PAG work is absolutely essential for ensuring not only technical accuracy but also impartiality and fairness. Reviewers are selected separately for each project by the dean and PAG director, sometimes upon recommendation of the Advisory Committee, to ensure that a wide range of expertise is reflected in the design and execution of PAG reports, and that no point of view is favored. Report review criteria used by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences are the guidelines furnished to PAG reviewers. More than one hundred faculty members at 16 universities have authored or reviewed PAG reports. A similar number of public agency personnel and interest group representatives have reviewed PAG reports.

PAG Report Series

The PAG is required by law to report the findings of all its work, whether tentative or conclusive, and make them freely available. PAG reports are primarily policy education documents, as one would expect from a state university program funded by legislative appropriation. The PAG identifies and analyzes scientific and institutional problems associated with natural resource policy issues. In keeping with the PAG’s mandate, several alternative policy options are developed and analyzed in the PAG Report Series. As an operational policy the PAG does not recommend an alternative.