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Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

College of Natural Resources

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Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith

Office: Phinney Hall B12
Phone: 208-885-1009
Email: alistair@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1133
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133

College of Natural Resources
Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Associate Professor

Campus Locations: Moscow
With UI Since 2003

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Fire Science
    • Ecohydrology
    • Remote Sensing
    • Smoke Management
  • Biography

    Alistair Smith joined the Department of Forest Resources as an Assistant Professor of Forest Measurements in 2007, where he currently heads the Forest and Rangeland Measurements Lab.  Alistair’s research can be broadly described as seeking to (1) evaluate the complex inter-connected roles of biological and climate systems, coupled with the consequences for society and human mitigation; (2) improve forecasting of the impacts of climate change on focal species distributions so we can better target management priorities and activities; (3) further the application of object-orientated geospatial methods and applications; and (4) improve the understanding and physical linkages between measurements, whether collected in situ or remotely, to reduce uncertainties in various Earth and environmental processes.

  • Selected Publications

    Hyde, J.C., Smith, A.M.S., Ottmar, R.D, Alvarado, E.C., and Morgan P., [exp 2011] The Combustion of Sound and Rotten Coarse Woody Debris: A Review, International Journal of Wildland Fire, in press

    Smith, A.M.S. Eitel, J.U.H. and Hudak, A.T. 2010, Spectral Analysis of Charcoal on Soils: Implications for Wildland Fire Severity Mapping Methods, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 19, 976-983.

    Roy, D.P., Boschetti, L., Maier, S.W. and Smith, A.M.S., 2010 Field estimation of ash reflectance using a standard grey scale, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 19, 698-704.

    Smith, A.M.S., Falkowski, M.J., Hudak, A.T., Evans, J.S. Robinson, A.P., and Steele, C.M. 2009 (published 2010) Comparing field and remote estimates of forest canopy cover, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 35, 5, 447-459. 

    Smith, A.M.S., Strand, E.K., Steele, C.M., Hann, D.B., Garrity, S.R., Falkowski M.J. and Evans, J.S., 2008 Production of vegetation spatial-structure maps by per-object analysis of juniper encroachment in multi-temporal aerial photographs, Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 34, Suppl. 2, S268-285.

  • Outreach Projects
    • “Effective Communication for Smoke Management in a Changing Air Quality Environment I and II”, Supervised coordinator (Joshua Hyde), Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Sept 16-18, 2008 and Carl T. Curtis National Park Service Midwest Regional Headquarters, Feb 24 - 26, 2009
    • Inter-agency training workshops for personnel who need to work with the public and other agencies to develop smoke management/air quality approaches. Sponsored by the US National Park Service.
    • Supervised coordinator (Joshua Hyde), who under direction has: Developed online tutorials and training modules for NPS and other agency personnel on smoke management and air quality. Developed online glossary of smoke management and air quality terminology called “Smokepedia”:  http://www.cnr.uidaho.edu/wildlandfire/fact.htm

  • Awards and Honors
    • 2009 Outstanding Researcher, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

    *You can view a full list of publications in Alistair Smith's CV.

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