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Spanish Undergraduate Curricular Requirements 

A maximum of 18 transfer credits and/or credits earned through study abroad may be applied toward the upper-division requirements for the B.A. degree in Spanish. Students who receive a C or D in their first upper-division language class are required to pass an oral and written proficiency exam to meet minimum departmental proficiency standards before being allowed to register in other upper-division language classes.

Before going on a study abroad program, students must have the approval of their major adviser to ensure that their proposed program meets with departmental approval. Upon returning to University of Idaho, the Department of Modern Languages & Cultures will evaluate the students' oral and written proficiency and determine which classes studied abroad may count towards the major. 

Spanish (B.A.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), the general L&S requirements for the B.A. degree, and:

  • Span 101-102 Elementary Spanish I-II (or equivalent) (8 cr)
  • Span 201-202 Intermediate Spanish I-II (or equivalent) (8 cr)
  • Span 301 Advanced Grammar (3 cr)
  • Span 302 Advanced Composition (3 cr)
  • Span 305 Culture and Institutions of Spain (3 cr)
  • Span 306 Culture and Institutions of Latin America (3 cr)
  • Upper-division courses in Spanish language (9 credits must be 400 level) (12 cr)
  • A second foreign language (elem and interm, or equivalent), waived for students with a double major (FL&L plus another major)(16 cr).
  • Related fields (as approved by advisor (6 cr)

A maximum of 3 credits in FLEN 391, 393, or 394 may be counted toward a major in Spanish.