Information for Students

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The University of Idaho offers students a vertical, multi-year liberal educational experience to complement the course work in each student's major.

Each year’s General Education courses and seminars build on the foundations of the previous year, reiterating and interlinking with the other courses and seminars embedded with the University-Gen-Ed-Learning-Outcomes.  See Pathway and Integration.


The General Education curriculum impacts students by better preparing them as life-long learners. It prepares students with the skills and abilities to:

  • learn and integrate
  • think and create - use multiple and interdisciplinary methods and strategies
  • communicate and collaborate
  • clarify purpose and perspective
  • practice good citizenship

Academic advisers help students select from the several courses outside the academic major. Together, these are the classes known as the General Education Curriculum. For Catalog year 2012-13 and subsequent years, these courses are listed under the categories: General Core Studies and the UI Core, and are listed on General Education Requirements.