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About Us

The Mission of SEEP
Panhandle SEEP is an education program committed to training individuals, including those in the construction and development industry, and agency personnel in the fundamentals of erosion and sediment control planning and practices. It is also intended to provide a forum allowing the participants to share experiences and exchange ideas on methods, applications, and effectiveness of best management practices, broadening their perspectives through discussion. Everyone is welcome to attend; certification is optional.

The Origin of SEEP

Panhandle SEEP was founded by agency and industry representatives living and working in the five northern counties of Idaho. Contractors and design professionals enlisted the assistance of agencies after recognizing the double impact that construction site erosion was having on local resources. Physical destruction of local water resources followed by costly enforcement actions seemed a rather circular argument when the tools exist to prevent both. SEEP is one step in many needed to protect some of our most valuable resources in north Idaho: water, economy and human.

Who Operates SEEP
The SEEP Steering Committee is comprised of construction, development, and agency representatives. This group provides SEEP with a balance of ideals and a more proactive committee. The University of Idaho Coeur d'Alene carries out the administrative duties as directed by the Steering Committee.

SEEP Accomplishments (June 2010):

Reached main goal:  Increase awareness, knowledge, competency and consistency with regard to Stormwater and Erosion-Sediment control practices throughout all levels of involvement in the regulatory, development, design, contractor and landscaping communities.

Obtained Objectives
1. Establish a training program for contractors, regulators, excavators, developers and responsible persons for the five northern counties of Idaho.
2. Develop a network of competent local trainers to provide consistent and continuous training.
3. Develop a certification process to verify successful completion of the training.

Trained 359 individuals
Certified 329 participants

Established a training cadre:
  • Provided Train-the-Trainer course (2)
  • 22 individuals completed the Train-the-Trainer and Basic SEEP training
  • 10 active trainers in 2010
  • SEEP membership encompasses 5 northern Idaho counties
  • Maintained SEEP for over 5 years
  • Conduct monthly meetings
  • Received funding from numerous sources including federal, state, local and private contributions
  • Non-profit status under Panhandle Area Council (PAC)

Created a lasting modifiable training program

Basic SEEP Course

  • PowerPoint presentation (updated annually)
  • Technical handbook (updated annually)
  • Hands-on BMP installation and inspection
  • Certification exam (updated annually)

Modified training program

  • Created stand-alone field day option
  • Developed Montana specific course
  • Ready to finalize stream bank stabilization/riparian module
  • Completed development of SEEP Advanced Course


  • Recognized by EPA
  • Helped fulfill MS4 needs of others, City of Coeur d'Alene, City of Post Falls, Lakes Highway District, Post Falls Highway District, Idaho Department of Transportation
  • Included in CDA Lake Management Plan
  • Promoted Call 811 through partnership with TransCanada
  • Frequent articles in NIBCA newsletter/presentation at meetings
  • Contacted to help develop programs, Flathead, MS4's
  • Increased awareness of erosion issies
  • Established by-laws
  • Created and had printed a Field Manual
  • Training Aids Jeopardy developed
  • PSA and commercials