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Purpose and Benefits

The SEEP Program's Purpose:
  • Increase skill and knowledge levels in the stormwater and erosion fields
  • Foster communication and collaboration between industry, agencies, and landowners
  • Protect resources, including people, water and the economy
  • Develop a local pool of experts as resources for the development community
  • Change current perceptions in development practices

Benefits to Contractors/Developers:
  • Increase skill and marketability to clients
  • Develop a thorough understanding of what methods work and when
  • Be able to troubleshoot your own construction site
  • Protect your resources

Benefits to Agencies:
  • Increase agency effectiveness and efficiency by reducing time consuming and costly enforcement actions
  • Learn side-by-side with contractors for a consistent approach
  • Be able to communicate effectively with contractors
  • Be more confident that erosion control methods will be correctly installed on site

Benefits to the Public:
  • Water quality is protected
  • Struggles between neighbors and contractors are minimized
  • Growth does not outpace quality of life