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What does it mean to be SEEP certified?
Initially, the certification confirms the participant has completed the full training session and has demonstrated knowledge of the principles of erosion-sediment control by passing an examination. The certification also carries with it the professional obligation of adhering to a Code of Conduct and a commitment to continued learning in the field of stormwater and erosion control. Participants successfully meeting the certification criteria will have their names placed on a distribution list to be made available to the public.

Current SEEP Certificate Holders Database

Obtaining SEEP Certification

  1. Complete the application, pay class registration fees and attend the full classroom and field session
  2. Successfully complete the examination with a passing score of at least 70%
  3. Subscribe to the Code of Conduct

3 Year Renewal Requirement and Continuing Education
The certificate must be renewed every three years. Re-testing is not required if the certificate holder complies with the Code of Conduct and does one of the following:
  1. Register, pay class registration fees, and attend a SEEP class every 3 years. Submit renewal form to instructor in place of testing. --OR--
  2. Accumulate 10 continuing education points (see renewal form) during the 3 year period. Evidence of points shall be submitted to the SEEP Steering Committee.

Download the SEEP certification renewal form here.

Revocation of Certificate
The right to revoke a certification is vested in the SEEP Steering Committee. Revocation of a certificate may occur under the following circumstances:
  1. The SEEP Steering Committee is notified by a regulatory agency of a completed enforcement action against the certificate holder. Upon notification, the SEEP Steering Committee will conduct an evaluation process to determine if the infraction is in violation of the Code of Conduct. The certificate holder under review will have the opportunity to address the committee. Revocation of the certificate will result in removal from the distribution list. Under this infraction, the SEEP Steering Committee may consider reinstatement of the certificate after a period of two years. Full class work testing must be completed prior to consideration of reinstatement.
  2. Failing to meet the renewal requirements will result in the certificate lapsing and removal from the distribution list. In this case, registering, paying class registration fees, attending a SEEP class and successfully passing the examination will accomplish certificate renewal.