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Bill paying

Family Economics

Personal Finance Education
Money, money, money. Everyone wants it but few know what to do with it once they have some!  Extension provides classes and educational resources to help families and individuals make wise financial decisions. We provide financial education in three areas:

Basic Personal Finance
  • Dollar Decision$ (available in Spanish) curriculum (Revised 2006) teaches low- to moderate-income individuals and families how to track expenses and make ends meet. Lesson 1—Tracking Income and Expenses covers: Identification of spending leaks, Needs versus Wants, and Methods to track expenses. Lesson 2—Making a Spending and Saving Plan covers: Goal setting, Sources of income, Other assistance and resources, Developing a spending and saving plan, and Ways to increase income and decrease expenses. To order: view Online Catalog, or by email
  • Credit Cents: Making Sense of Credit, Debt, and Identity Theft curriculum (2007) is to provide knowledge and skills to adults and young adults so they may wisely use credit, avoid or get out of debt, and understand and avoid identity theft. Lesson 1—Credit Basic covers: Credit, Interest, Four types of credit, Advantages and disadvantages of using credit, Think before using credit, Comparison shopping for credit, and Debit vs. credit cards. Lesson 2—How Does Your Credit Score? covers: Building and repairing credit history, Credit reports, and What your credit score says about you. Lesson 3—Take Control of Debt covers: Steps to control debt, Using a worksheet to assess personal debt, Setting debt reduction goals, Tracking spending, Finding money for debt repayment, Four debt repayment methods, Avoiding future debt problems, Internet sites that include debt/loan calculators, and Where to seek professional counseling if you can't solve debt problems on your own. Lesson 4—Guard Against Identity Theft covers: What is identity theft?, How does it occur?, How to protect personal information, and What steps to take if your identity is stolen. Credit Cents Bulletin 841 Fact Sheets. To order: view Online Catalog, or by email
  • Recordkeeping —Lesson 1 in Legally Secure Your Financial Future (see next area).
  • Savings classes

Financial Security in Later Life
  • Legally Secure Your Financial Future three seminars cover: financial recordkeeping, Advance directives for health care, Family communication about end-of-life issues, Wills, Probate, Trusts, and Property ownership. Materials are web based at and from USDA at
  • Isn't it Time to Take the Time: Communicating about Advance Directives for Health Care website:
  • Long Term Care (LTC) seminars cosponsored with AARP-Idaho covers Education and resources to help individuals remain at home and finance LTC through LTC insurance or Medicaid.
  • Retirement Planning curriculum and publications currently being developed.

Youth Financial Literacy
  • High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP) curriculum provides training and is offered throughout Idaho in partnership with the Idaho Credit Union League, the curriculum is provided by the National Endowment for Financial Education. Seven lessons cover: Your financial plan: Where it all begins; Budgeting: Making the most of your money; Investing: Making money work for you; Good debt, bad debt: Using credit wisely; Your money: Keeping it safe and secure; Insurance: Protecting what you have; and Your career: Doing what matters most.
  • Welcome to the Real World is a two lesson experiential personal finance education taught in Eastern and Southwest Idaho junior and senior high schools.
  • 4-H Financial Champions projects are Money Fundamentals and Money Moves provides educator and 4-H leader training. National 4-H.

County Extension Educators—Personal Finance (Family & Consumer Sciences)

*Luke Erickson, Madison County, Rexburg,, 208-356-3191

*Lyle Hansen, Jerome County, Jerome,, 208-324-7578

*Beverly Healy, Ada County, Boise,, 208-377-2107

*Jim Schaffer, District IV (Eastern Idaho), Idaho Falls,, 208-529-8376

Linda Gossett, EFNEPII Ada, Canyon, Elmore Counties, Boise,, 208-376-1036

Carol Hampton, Boundary County, Priest River,, 208-267-3235

Audrey Liddil, Bannock County, Pocatello,, 208-236-7318

Marsha Lockard, Owyhee County, Marsing,, 208-896-4104

Barbara Petty, Bonneville County, Idaho Falls,, 208-529-1390

*Karen Richel, Latah County, Moscow,, 208-883-2267

*These educators have personal finance as their major programming emphasis. Note: Class availability varies by county.