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Stephen Devadoss

Stephen Devadoss

Office: Agricultural Science Building
Room 28C

Phone: (208) 885-6806
Email: sdevadoss@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Areas of teaching interest include mathematical economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, dynamic optimization, international trade, and general equilibrium modeling.
    • Areas of research specialization cover agricultural trade and policy, macroeconomics of agriculture, marketing, and production economics.
  • Selected Publications
    • Luckstead, J., S. Devadoss, and A. Rodriguez, 2012 "The Effects of NAFTA and U.S. Farm Policies on Illegal Immigration and Agricultural Trade." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 44(1)1–19.
    • Devadoss, S., and J. Luckstead, 2011 "Implications of Immigration Policies for the U.S. Farm Sector and Workforce." Economic Inquiry, 49(3)857-875.
    • Foltz, J., A. Johnson, and S. Devadoss, 2011 "Agribusiness Case Study Competitions – Educational, Practical, Challenging and Rewarding." North American Colleges and Teachers of Agricultural Journal, 55(1) 44-49.
    • Johnson, A., H. Johnson, S. Devadoss, and J. Foltz, 2011 "Food Businesses: Strategy, Planning, Growth and Performance." International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 14(2)1-20.
    • Devadoss, S., and M. Kuffel, 2010 "Is the U.S. Import Tariff on Brazilian Ethanol Justifiable?" Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 35(3)476-488.
    • Devadoss, S., and J. Bayham, 2010 "Contributions of U.S. Crop Subsidies to Biofuel and Related Markets." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 42(4)743-756.
    • Devadoss, S., and J. Luckstead, 2010 "An Analysis of Apple Supply Response," International Journal of Production Economics, 124: 265-271.
    • Assiseh, F., S. Devadoss, Y. Bolotova, J. Foltz, and R. Haggerty, 2010 "Factors Influencing Growth of Dairy Product Manufacturing in the United States." International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 13(2)1-16.
    • Assiseh, F., Y. Bolotova, S. Devadoss, J. Foltz, and R. Haggerty, 2009 "Factors Explaining Growth of Small and Medium-Large Food Manufacturing Businesses in the United States." Journal of Food Distribution Research, 40(1)1-7.
    • Devadoss, S., 2009 "Domestic Sale Requirement, Price Supports, Export Quota, and Inefficiencies." Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, 18(2)297-309.
  • Research Projects
    Current research covers impacts of global and regional trade reforms on agriculture, imperfect competition and trade, partial and general equilibrium analyses of policies, exchange rate effects, game theory and trade, immigration and agriculture, and biofuel policies.
  • Awards and Honors
    • Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award, Ten or More Years' Experience, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2011
    • Western Agricultural Economics Association's Distinguished Scholar Award, 2010
    • Excellence in Teaching Award, U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Agricultural Sciences, 2010
    • Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, Western Agricultural Economics Association, 2009
    • JAAE Outstanding Journal Article Award: Stephen Devadoss and Jeff Luckstead, "Contributions of Immigrant Farmworkers to California Vegetable Production," Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 40(3) 2008: 879-894
    • Research Excellence Award, University of Idaho, 2004
    • Graduate Advising Excellence Award, University of Idaho

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