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Jason Winfree

Jason Winfree

Office: Agricultural Science Building
Room 27

Phone: (734) 218-1988
Email: jwinfree@uidaho.edu

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
Assistant Professor

  • Biography
    • Selected Publications
      • Winfree, Jason A. and Jill J. McCluskey 2005. “Collective Reputation and Quality,” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 87(1): 206-213.
      • Winfree, Jason A. and Jill J. McCluskey. 2007 “Takings of Development Rights with Asymmetric Information and an Endogenous Probability of an Externality.” Journal of Housing Economics 16(3-4): 320-333.
      • McCluskey, Jill J. and Jason A. Winfree 2009. “Pre-Empting Public Regulation with Private Food Quality Standards” European Review of Agricultural Economics 36(4):535-539.
      • Dinardo, John E. and Jason A. Winfree 2010. “The Law of Genius and Home Runs Refuted” Economic Inquiry 48(1):51-64.
      • McQuade, Timothy, Stephen Salant and Jason A. Winfree 2012. “Regulating An Experience Good Produced in the Formal Sector of a Developing Country When Consumers Cannot Identify Producers” Review of Development Economics 16(4):512-526.
      • Mongeon, Kevin and Jason A. Winfree (forthcoming) " The Effects of Cross-Ownership and League Policies Across Sports Leagues Within a City" Review of Industrial Organization
    • Research Projects
      Research/Focus Areas
      • Economics of Market Structures
      • Industrial Organization
      • Collective Reputation
      • Food Quality Standards
      • Sports Economics