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  • What is Army ROTC? ▼

    Army ROTC is a college elective you can take for up to two years with no obligation. Unlike traditional college programs, Army ROTC gives you a wide range of experiences while you work toward your degree. Youll combine classroom time with hands-on training, learning and leadership skills that are sure to give you an edge over your peers when it comes time for job interviews and presenting yourself in a professional manner. Whether youre planning a career in the Army or the corporate world, you will gain the necessary leadership skills and personal confidence to succeed in whichever path you take.
  • By enroling in ROTC, are you joining the army? ▼

    No. Students who enroll in ROTC don't join the Army. They take our ROTC classes for which they receive credit. It's considered a college elective at the University of Idaho. During the first two years, ROTC cadets have no military obligation.

  • Is ROTC like "boot-camp"? ▼

    No. ROTC cadets go directly to college where they earn their degree.
  • What makes ROTC different from regular college management courses? ▼

    Students in ROTC learn through a unique program that involves both classroom and "live" situations. For instance, an ROTC cadet might be found leading classmates through adventure training, down a river in a raft, or being in charge of a lab or a training exercise.

  • What is the ROTC course comprised of? ▼

    The ROTC program is divided into phases: The Basic Course (first two years) studies Army history, organization, structure, land navigation, small unit tactics, and developing self confidence. The techniques and principles of leadership and management are stressed throughout. The Advanced Course (last two years) concentrates on tactical operations and military instruction, as well as advanced techniques of management, leadership, and command.

  • Does Army ROTC offer scholarships? ▼

    Yes. Each year students compete for 4 year scholarships nationally and 2/3 year scholarships on campus. We award them to students studying science, engineering, nursing, business, as well as a variety of other majors.

  • How much money does ROTC usually award and what does the money go towards? ▼

    Our scholarships are awarded at different monetary levels. They will cover tuition (in/out of state) and educational fees. It also gives you $1200 a year for books and you receive a monthly stipend while you are in school that varies from $300 - $500, depending on where you are at in the program. The scholarship doesnt cover room and board.
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  • On what basis are scholarship winners chosen? ▼

    Our ROTC scholarships are not based on financial need. Instead, we award them on merit. Merit is exhibited in academic achievement and extracurricular activities, such as sports, student government or part-time work.
  • Can only scholarship winners enroll in ROTC? ▼

    No. Anyone can enroll in our ROTC program. And regardless of whether you're a scholarship winner or not, all ROTC books, supplies and equipment are furnished at no cost to you.

  • How often are Army ROTC scholarships awarded? ▼

    We award scholarships once a year. High school students apply by November 15th and selections are made continuously thru May 15th. On campus students can apply for two-year and three-year scholarships until May 1st.

  • How do students benefit from ROTC? ▼

    In college and after graduation, cadets find that the training and experience that they have received are assets - whether pursuing an Army or civilian career. Civilian employers place high regard on the management and leadership skills that our ROTC instructors stress. Plus, ROTC looks great on a resume. When cadets complete the ROTC course, upon graduation, they become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.
  • Do you have to go on active duty (full time) when you graduate and commission from college? ▼

    Most cadets choose to go on active duty upon graduation. Almost all students who are on scholarship will go on active duty. There are two year scholarships that will guarantee you a commission in the Reserves or National Guard. They are known as Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships. Even if you are not on scholarship, you can still choose to go into the Reserves/NG at the beginning of your junior year