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Physical Address:
Memorial Gym, B-38
PHONE: 208-885-6528
FAX: 208-885-6028

Mailing Address:
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2424
Moscow, ID 83844-2424


LTC Brad K. Martin
LTC Brad K. Martin
Professor of Military Science
LTC Brad K. Martin is a Professor of Military Science at the University of Idaho since 2014, and is the instructor for the final year cadets.
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CPT Chris Greenleaf
CPT Chris D. Greenleaf
Executive Officer and Assistant Professor of Military Science
CPT Chris D. Greenleaf is Executive Officer and an Assistant Professor of Military Science.
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CPT Lonna Lyon
CPT Lonna Lyon
Outgoing Executive Officer
CPT Lonna Lyon is an Army Nurse Officer and is the Outgoing Executive Officer. She has been the Executive Officer for the University of Idaho AROTC program since October, 2011.
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MSG Craig Collins
MSG Craig Collins
Senior Military Instructor
MSG Craig A. Collins enlisted in the United States Army in December 1993. He has been the Senior Military Science Instructor since June 2012.
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Timothy Tate
Timothy Tate
Recruiting Officer
Tim Tate serves as the Recruiting Operations Officer at the Chrisman Battalion since December of 2007. He retired from the Washington National Guard after serving on three lengthy deployments in the Global War on Terror.
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Clark Lewis
Clark Lewis
Human Resources Assistant
Mr. Lewis serves as the Human Resources Assistant(HRA) at the Chrisman Battalion since December of 2012.
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Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman
Administrative Assistant
Patrick Freeman has been the Admin Assistant with the Military Science Department since 2009. As the one university employee in the Department, he looks after administrative and academic issues.
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Arthur OLguin
Arthur Olguin
Supply Technician
Arthur Olguin entered active duty in 1974 and has been with the University of Idaho Army ROTC program since January 2004. As the Civil Service Supply Tech, he handles the logistical needs for cadet training, from uniforms to rucksacks and sleeping bags.
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