Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station
3059 Natl Fish Hatchery Rd # F Hagerman, ID 83332
(208) 837-9096

ARI - Moscow, ID

Aquaculture Research Institute
799 Poultry Hill Way
Moscow, Idaho

Mailing Address
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2260
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2260
(208) 885-5830

Moscow Campus

The Aquaculture Research Institute (ARI) has research facilities both on the Moscow campus and in Hagerman, Idaho.

On the University of Idaho campus, the ARI operates two wet laboratories that have controlled photoperiods and are supplied with either well or dechlorinated municipal water.  A laboratory manager overseas the wet labs and provides the continuity necessary in fish care, feeding and operations for successful studies.
Cold Water Wet Laboratory
The laboratory has nine recirculation systems, and is designed to operate as a limited water resource recirculating facility.
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Conservation Aquaculture
The ARI Poultry Hill wet lab has been designed to rear non-domesticated cold water fishes and currently holds burbot.
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