Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station
3059 Natl Fish Hatchery Rd # F Hagerman, ID 83332
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ARI - Moscow, ID

Aquaculture Research Institute
799 Poultry Hill Way
Moscow, Idaho

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875 Perimeter Drive MS 2260
Moscow, Idaho 83844-2260
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Analytical Genetic Research

Analytical Genetic Research

The ARI maintains a state-of-the-art molecular biology laboratory in Hagerman that supports research in gene expression, metabolomics, population genetics, genomics, and marker-assisted selection. Equipment includes, Freedom Evo liquid handing robotics, Illumina HiSeq 1000 next generation sequencer, ABI Prism 7500 fast and 7900HT sequence detection systems for quantitative PCR, ABI Prism 3730 and 3130 genetic analyzers for sequencing and microsatellite analysis, Fluidigm, Biomark genetic analysis systems (96X96 array) for SNP detection, four ABI Prism 9700 (twin 384 well) PCR machines, and six MJ Research PCR machines. For microarray slide processing, scanning and analysis, the lab contains a Tecan HS400 hybridization machine and a Perkin Elmer ScanArray 5000. Further, the laboratory contains a Tecan, Freedom evo liquid handling robot, a Qiagen 3000 DNA/RNA purification robot, and a Qiagen 8000 liquid handling robot. There are also Molecular Dynamics microplate and Perkin Elmer Victor<sup>3 </sup>multi-label plate readers, for detection and quantification of protein amounts and activities for a variety of protein assays. For histology, the lab is equipped with a Sakura Tissue-Tek TEC5 paraffin embedding console, a Sakura Accu-Cut SRM 200 rotary microtome, and a Zeiss Axioplan 2, CCD-equipped, fluorescent microscope for imaging along with a Zeiss Axiovert 40CFL and Vistavision inverted scopes for cell culture. The lab also contains all equipment necessary for DNA and RNA molecular biology applications and protein analyses.