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Hagerman Station

Hagerman Station

The Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is located in south-central Idaho approximately 90 miles southeast of Boise, Idaho, the state capital. The Station is situated on the grounds of the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and was formerly the Tunison Fish Nutrition Laboratory. The University of Idaho leased the facility from the US Fish & Wildlife Service in 1996 and took possession of the 4-acre property in 1998. In 2006, a new 14,000 ft2 building was dedicated, and included housing offices, a classroom and analytical laboratories. A six-bedroom dormitory and additional fish rearing buildings were also constructed, augmenting existing fish rearing facilities and, in the case of the new office/lab building, replacing the original Fish & Wildlife building.

Research is supported by funding from a wide range of sources including competitive grants from agencies, cooperative agreements and collaborative research with partners such as ARS and CRITFC, and with contracts with industry to conduct product testing and evaluation.

The Hagerman Station has both indoor and outdoor fish rearing facilities, all supplied by gravity-fed, constant 15°C spring water. Multiple studies can be conducted at the same time with trout at all stages of life. Ornamental and/or warm-water fish species are raised indoors in recycled water systems.
The Hagerman Station has extensive analytical laboratories used to support research in feeds, molecular biology and population genetics. Teaching is conducted using state-of-the-art video technology linking the Hagerman Station to classrooms on the Moscow campus and elsewhere.