90.38 - ID cards for Non-UI Affiliates

Created December 19, 2006 (formerly 80.38)

A. General. It is occasionally desirable for non-UI affiliates to have access to UI facilities. For example, WSU graduate students may participate in research programs located on the UI campus. The Vandal Card system is used to control door access to a number of locations across campus, including some that non-UI affiliates may require access to. The Vandal Card office may issue a temporary ID card to non-UI affiliates under certain circumstances to provide access to those locations.

B. Sponsorship. The temporary ID for a non-UI affiliate must be requested by the Dean or department head of the college or department that the cardholder will be working with. This request must be in writing and signed by the Dean, Associate Dean, Vice President or Director only. Signature authority may not be delegated for temporary card requests. This request should also include an indication of when the association with the non-UI affiliate is expected to end.

C. Expiration. The temporary ID must have an expiration date specified, no more than 12 months from the time of its issuance. This expiration date will be printed on the face of the temporary ID.

D. Reissuing. If a temporary ID expires, another may be issued, but a new written and signed request from the Dean or department head is required, just as in the initial issuance.

E. Photo ID. The non-UI affiliate must bring an acceptable photo ID with them and present it to the Vandal Card office staff for verification at the time of card issuance. No ID card will be issued without proper photo ID. The various forms of acceptable photo ID are discussed in APM 90.35 section C. [ed. 12-10]