90.37 - Vandal Card Staff Requirements

February 1, 2006 (formerly 80.37)

A. General. The Vandal Card system controls door access to a number of sensitive locations, including student dormitories and research laboratories where grant-related research is conducted. The grants frequently require that individuals with access or who can gain access to those laboratories undergo certain background checks.

B. Background Checks. In order to ensure student safety and that no grant is compromised, and to provide a system in which faculty, staff, and students can have confidence, all Vandal Card staff with the authority to manage door access will undergo background checks by a trusted 3rd party, usually the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

C. Escalated Background Check. Individuals with full access to the system must undergo a background check sufficient to allow them access to the most restricted locations managed by the system, in addition to the specified minimum background check. As of January 2006 this is the FBI “Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act Fingerprint Program”.

D. Managing Unit. Background checks will be initiated and managed by the University Research Office. Please contact 885-4989 or email for more information.